ABCshelf v2.9 __tested and optimized for Maya 2012 x64 on Win7 and OSX


single click : send a single frame of your choice to BatchRender (with prompt)
double click : BatchRender

right click
- abort BatchRender : cancel current BatchRender (with prompt)


single click : save a copy nest to the current scene's location (with prompt to enter the suffix name)
double click : Save As... prompt

right click
- revert scene : reload the last saved version of the current scene (prompt for saving)
- set autosave : prompt a window to set the timer for the autosave
- set incremental save : prompt the saving options window to set the incremental save
- turn autosave off : disable autosave
source OpenCrashedScenes : in case it hasn't been sourced properly at startup SOURCE


single click : quick link to prompt the "Set Project" dialog
double click : quick link to the Project Window


CAMERA - right click
- newCam from persp : create a new camera at the position of the current view   /!\ viewport must be selected
- import camera rig : import custom camera rig with separate controls.
- match camera tool : SanctusMatchCamera tool to match camera with a given perspective (vanishing points of a photo) SOURCE
- roll tool : quick link to the roll camera tool.
- fly tool : quick link to the fly camera tool.


cometRename tool v1.20. Batch renaming, adding prefix and suffix, etc.


get the timecode (m:sc:msc) for the current frame


single click : set all the display parameters, look through the selected camera and prompt for creating the playblast
double click : reset the parameters


craFcheck tool v1.6.1. fcheck GUI for Maya with auto-fcheck feature (this script is intended to work with 4 digits padded sequences). It also allows to pass some command line parameters to fcheck.

Todo-list for Maya 1.0.0 A simple and easy todo-manager for Maya that saves the todo's into the Maya-files. SOURCE


quick link to launch the interactive playback.


CREATE POLYGON - right click
- Primitives -
Quick links to create default polygonal objects.
+ GeoSpheres SOURCE

- Miscelaneous -
- helix curve generator : helix tool v3.2. Allows to create complex helix curves. SOURCE
- pipe generator : pipe generator v1.1.0. Generates a pipe based on a curve. SOURCE
- building generator : kludge city v0.2.0. Procedural building generator. SOURCE
- city generator : qtown v1.3.0. Build a fractal city based on selected polygons. SOURCE


CREATE SHADERS - right click
- Utilities -
- gamma tools: jjj_gammaTools 2.0.0 Automates the insertion and removal of gamma correct nodes in shader trees. SOURCE
- create wireframe shader : UI to create and assign a wireframe shader to selected object SOURCE
- assign mib_amb_occlusion : UI to create and assign ambient occlusion output to selected shader SOURCE
- RGBYMC surface shaders : loading Red/Green/Blue/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow surface shaders.
- sdf shader : R = top fallof / G = dirty occlusion / B = fallof
- uvz shader : R = u cord / G = v cord / B = Z object space
- dirt container : container that outputs a noise based on ambient occlusion.

- Miscelaneous -
- ice shader : procedural ice shader.
- snow shader : procedural snow shader.
- cell shading : non-photorealistic shading for Maya.


CREATE DEFORMERS - right click
- jlCollision : simple collision deformer for polygonal objects. SOURCE
- tensionBS : blendshape based on tension SOURCE
- displaceD : deformer driven by a 2D/3D texture, preview in viewport. SOURCE
- deformer TO blendshape : this scripts Converts any deformer, cloth sims, etc into a series of animated blendshapes SOURCE


CREATE DYNAMIC - right click
- Hair -
- rope swing : Rope Swing v1.0.0. Create dynamic animateable ropes. SOURCE   /!\ Hair dynamic plugin must be loaded
- Particles -
- export to PRT : little UI to cache your particles as PRT files to be used in Krakatoa. SOURCE
- setup assistant : Particle Setup 1.1.0 A script for automating common particle tasks. SOURCE
- kill volume : this script figures out if you have a particle or nParticle and creates a volume field killng existing particles SOURCE
- Fluids -
- overburn : Overburn tool v1.6. Fluid shaded cloud particles effects. SOURCE
- wmd : Weapons of Mass Destruction tool v2.0.0. Create explosive bombs with fluids. SOURCE
- Clouds builder : emfxClouds v1.0.0 helps you to create realistic Clouds in Maya. SOURCE
- Misc -
- destructor : Destructor tool v2.1 Instance objects to particles for destruction. SOURCE
- DMM baker : DMM Baker v0.1.0  allows to bake shattered parts of a DMM simulation. SOURCE


MODELING TOOLS - right click
- facer dock panel : Facer v2.1 dockable panel with shortcuts to very usesul modeling functions and scripts SOURCE
Ninja speedbox : ninja speedbox v1.3.0 a context sensitive tool box that changes when you are in different modes SOURCE
- randomize transforms : Object Tweaker v0.3. Control and randomize transforms of selected object(s) or component(s). CONTACT
- array duplication : Array for Maya tool v1.2.1. Duplicate objects with scattering of the transforms. SOURCE
- dupliverts : Dupliverts tool v0.4.7. Duplicates child object(s) and places them on parent object's vertices. SOURCE
- fit geometry : fitMorph tool v2.2. Fit selected objects or components into the shape of other selected objects. SOURCE
- axcrack : AxCrack v1.1 Splits selected polygon surface into pieces SOURCE
- textureBasedFracturing : Voronoi texture Fracture v0.0.1 fractures geometry based on image or voronoi (SOuP needed) SOURCE


single click : Center the pivot of the selected object.

double click : SC_MovePivot v1.0.0 UI to move pivot to parent or vertex point. SOURCE


Freeze transforms of the selected object.


Delete the history of the selected object.


Select the hierarchy of the selected object.


Move the second selected object to the transforms of the first selected object.


Combine or separate the selected object(s).


- uv based : select two edges on polygon or select one point on nurbs. SOURCE
- follicle based : djRivet tool v1.6.0. It uses follicles to constrain objects to a surface (poly or nurbs) so they will stick and follow it if it is deformed. First select at least one object, then last select a poly or nurbs surface. SOURCE


ld_createsoftcluster v0.5.0. create a cluster on the current soft selection.


zv_ParentMaster tool v1.3.0. Animate interacting objects with ease.


cra_copyAnim v1.1.1 Helps you copy animation to multiple objects and to offset it.


attributes-manipulator v1.0. Helps to set or randomize any attribute for multiple objects.


ADD NOISE - right click
xyAddChannelNoise tool v0.1.0 : Add/Remove a noise function to the selected attribute(s).
springy channels v1.1.1 : Add oscillating decay to animation SOURCE


Delete non-changing values on keyed object.


CHANGE TANGENT - right click
- Break and Free : break and free weight on selected tangent.
- Default -
quick links to change the default type of tangent.


MAYA TO AE - right click
- Export assistant : AEexport v1.2.0 Camera and Null Export to After Effects.
- Anim to clipboard : maya2AEclipboard v0.2.0 copy from maya to after effects, faster way than export .ma file. SOURCE


CHR SETUP TOOLS - right click
- Rigging -
Quick link to download AdvancedSkeleton online.

- Skinning -
- Paint skin weights
: quick link to the interactive 3D paint skin weights tool.
- Skin Assistant
: skinAssist v1.1. Copy/paste weights, average, transfer, etc. SOURCE


Create a projection ramp parented to the selected camera position.


single click : set the following high-res parameters for the curent renderer
double click : set the following low-res parameters for the curent renderer

settings LOW HIGH
edge anti-aliasing low quality highest quality
shading samples 1 5
max shading samples 1 10
multi pixel filter off on
pixel filter type - gaussian
pixel filter width (X and Y) - 3
raytracing on on
reflections 2 10
refractions 2 10
shadows 2 10
resolution 960x540 1920x1080

settings LOW HIGH
minimum anti-aliasing samples -1 1
maximum anti-aliasing samples 1 3
multi-pixel filetring triangle gauss
shadow depth 1 5
reflections rays 2 10
refractions rays 2 10
max trace depth 2 10
reflection blur limit 1 2
refraction blur limit 1 2
shadow method simple segments
framebuffer data type 8 Bits 16 Bits
final gathering on on
final gathering accuracy 150 350
resolution 960x540 1920x1080

settings LOW HIGH
sampler type adaptive dmc adaptive dmc
min subdivs 1 1
max subdivs 3 8
treshold 0.05 0.004
exr format options 16 Bits 32 bits
antialiasing filter type triangle gaussian
antialiasing filter size 1 3
global illumination off on
resolution 960x540 1920x1080


RENDER TOOLS - right click
- load vRay : quick link to load the vRay plug-in.

- load mentalRay : quick link to load the mentalRay plug-in.
- MentalRay Passes Assistant
: Maya Passs Scripts v1.0.0 Script for rendering passes using miaX material SOURCE
- Skin Assistant
: skinAssist v1.1. Copy/paste weights, average, transfer, etc. SOURCE

- vRay Tuner : v2.6.0 An interface to a bunch of V-Ray for Maya controls and useful embedded scripts. SOURCE
- FileTextureManager tool v4.0.3. Batch-replace texture paths, create .map files, etc. SOURCE
- LightControl : he_LightControl v1.1.0. Control all lights and related render attributes with an intuitive UI. SOURCE


LINKS - right click
- Scripts -
-> CreativeCrash Maya scripts & plugins download page
-> MEL commands : complete list of functions
-> PYTHON commands : complete list of functions

- Docs -
MEL scripting for Animators PDF
-> MR Architectural Library PDF
-> VRay for Maya HELP repository

- News & Talk -
-> CGTalk Maya Forum


HELP - right click
- ABCshelf v2.9 documentation : you are reading it.
- check for updates : get a look at the ABCshelf releases folder online.


for all notes, questions or requests, you can send me an email at this address :